Obtaining Samadhi is Simple I Know How to Achieve Bliss

kori[1]I was sitting at my kitchen table this morning, thinking about nothing in particular when my dogs scratched at the back door.  It was a crisp, cool 35 degrees or so out and I have some small, non-furry dogs who get easily chilled.  I let them in and proceeded to sit down.  I looked up a few moments later and spotting my female Boston terrier Kori, I realized what bliss is.  Bliss is….

Warming your fanny on a heating vent.  She does this every winter, and isn’t happy until I open the vent screen.  She won’t sit and she whines, pacing around the room, which reminds me that for summer I had the vent closed. 

So maybe this isn’t truly human bliss, or spiritual bliss, but you should see the far off, sleepy, doe eyed look she gets every time the furnace kicks in – that or this is doggy masturbation – either way its ecstasy for her and a laugh for me.


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