Reproduction is Odd and Very Yogic

The circle of life scares the pee out of me sometimes.  To be honest, this widget I found didn’t help so much either, the baby looks really creepy to me – like ca_47_6 the dancing baby from years ago, spinning in its little cyber world, its umbilical cord floating mid screen, attached to nothing which is so unnatural.  Our belly buttons are the physical proof of the yogic concept of interconnectedness.  It is a sign that we were connected to someone, we lived through someone else and their actions.  Everything we do is a connection to someone else.

At times I wish my belly button were a peep hole and I could see what this little one is doing.  The baby is always quiet when I teach yoga classes, only moving during guided relaxation at the end of class. During Zumba the baby again is quiet but I can feel its weight jiggle around (I had to stop teaching this class last week due to some spotting after class).

I sometimes imagine that the baby is doing all of the asanas I have taught during the day at night while I am trying to sleep – like a type of payback for rousing her while she was sleeping.  My older son “A” was this way when we took Kids’ Yoga together. He refused to participate during most of the class, but would come home and practice on his own.  Nowadays he prefers to go into my yoga cabinet, pull out an extra mat, set himself up with a video and practice alone – we can’t watch him or participate with him.  He even takes out an eye pillow for Svasana – sometimes he takes them all out and builds forts for his GI Joes so  building a kids yoga practice can go either way.

In yoga there is the idea of the life cycle or living in stages.  We go through a stage Grahasta/Householder: The householder phase of life is when one lives with a partner and children, fulfilling worldly interests and duties. It is a time of giving, living, learning, and loving in family and community. I am in the middle of that stage right now and I believe it helps further and deepen my yoga practice being pregnant.  When else in our lives can we feel and be truly, literally connected to another living being? My understanding of yogic philosophy grows with my belly.

For more information on the ashrams of life

I am not affiliated with this site, nor do I endorse it, I simply found the definition I needed to express information.


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