My Pregnant Healthy Belly Week 37

For my anniversary more than anything I wanted to get some prenatal photos taken.  I really regret only having a handful of photos from when I was pregnant with my son.  Sadly, the cost was a little prohibitive for me this year based on the phmybelly9otos I wanted done.  You have probably seen them elsewhere,  those artsy black and white photos where they make everyone’s belly look sensuous, stretch mark free and serene – and pose your husband’s hands lovingly around you with your other children looking up in wonderment and awe at the amazing process of creating life.  Basically the same way I feel when I see commercials for coffee (not a drinker) that make you feel like you should be living in New England (I have, it wasn’t like that) in a Victorian home surrounded by a Persian cat and your best friend sipping some delicious smelling brew while you laugh heartily.  I may never be able to afford any of these fairytales so I have found ways to make my own smaller ones.

I wanted at least one photo of my tummy before the imminent birth and my husband – who is such a prude sometimes, didn’t even complain when he saw me in my skivvies taking a photo in the mirror yesterday.
Since we have about 1,000 digital photos spread across 3 laptops and burned CDs which I can never find (I really prefer physical photos) I decided to post it here so that when I want to look back at this time – I can find it.


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