Get Yourself into a Pool When You Are Pregnant

I got home from a long stop at my brother’s house where Christopher attempted to fix his computer problem, turned out not to be Facebook Virus or porn virus related, it was a Comcast issue.  Alex got a chance to play with the Wii, unfortunately it involved a great deal of sitting for me – to which my  brother commented on my “cankles”  so I tried a bath and electrolyte water when I got home, 4 hours ago.  I pressed my thumb on my calf for 5 seconds, grabbed the camera and photographed the 1.5 inch deep impression that takes about a minute to fill back up.  Now, I am not a skinny lass, but my legs are literally twice their normal size.



<——- That dark spot is the dent in my leg.

Here I am the

other night having labor pains at the pool, I really thought this

was it so I wanted a photo ———>

Tonight we hit the pool, again I went 45 minutes with squats and lunges across the length of the pool with water weights – doing upright rows, lat raises, front raises, triceps pull downs, biceps curls, hammer curls and pec flyes.

Then just floated around with hubby having mild contractions – well I had the contractions, he just held my hands. I highly recommend water workouts to pregnant women, especially as you get further along and land based weight training becomes more difficult.  The water no only helps relieve swelling, it is relaxing, provides a weightless feeling and of course has its own healing properties. Again, I started draining the minute I hit the locker room.


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