We Can Enjoy the Wii But We Won’t Weight Less

I find the Wii Fit and the Balance Board are not that accurate.  The whole family, including myself – love it, but that requires us to take turns.  In one hour my weight on the board went up 2.9 lbs, then later back down, even though the weight had been in an hour’s time frame – it still asks why you think you have gained weight and then mentions that weight can fluctuate in a day +- 2 lbs.

I have also found that my son, who loves to play the running game but finds he can cheat by waving the controller around (granted a 30 minute run at his age is a little much) – now starts waving his arms around in his sleep like he has a controller in them – kind of scary so we are weaning him off of the running).  He loves the skiing games and is determined to “knock everyone’s faces off the scores”.

I found you can hula hoop while breastfeeding – my best time (or breast hoops) so far is 682 on advanced – it gives me a nice break from the solitude of nursing.

I completed all of the yoga poses that I have unlocked this far -not impressed really by them but I have pretty high standards for yoga – in video game form – Maya is far better and I found that they repackaged her as My Fitness Coach for the Wii, exact same as the XBOX Game.  The strength training portion isn’t bad except that it really leaves a great deal of room for improper form and cheating – there are some things you just can’t measure with the board – especially the ab exercises.

My biggest complaint is that the “trainers” don’t set up a sequence for you in yoga or a strength training routine for you – the way that Maya does.  It is up to you as the user to go in and select each individual pose, etc.  I hope for future versions you can at least select a few to string together, if not have the trainer come up with a program.

I wanted to know if the Wii Fit and the Balance Board truly helps lose weight. After reading so many blogs talking about weight loss with the Wii Fit, and subsequent weight gain when not using the Balance Board & Wii Fit I decided to test this out myself.  I have been using it now for 9 days straight, Body test and training everyday, on top of my already busy schedule teaching yoga, group fitness classes and private training.

I haven’t noticed any weight loss but that is no surprise, it can take 6 weeks to visibly notice any changes so  I opted for a less subjective test and I strapped on my heart rate monitor – a monitor I have checked and verified against Hospital finger pulse machines, cardio machines, etc. and it is within a 1-2 beat range of error.

I started with a standing resting heart rate of 63.  after completing the 3 minute Step Aerobics segment – my HR was only at 87 and I felt perfectly fine, I get more winded pulling several pairs of my husband’s heavy jeans out of the washer.  There is definitely not enough cardio benefit there to help burn calories in my mind.

Next on to the hula hooping, which I do feel a little bit of exertion during.  Again, a standing resting rate of 66, after the Advanced Hula Hoop (I believe this is 3 minutes as well, 90 seconds each side) I attained a low for me score of 632 spins which still labeled me as a Calorie Roaster. I was at a HR of 109 – a little bit better but still not a cardio workout by any means.

My low end of HR (70% maximum) is supposedly 131, and I can easily carry on a conversation with my HR near 150 on a treadmill.

I think I have determined that the reviewers out there who are claiming to lose all of this weight with the Wii Fit either a) are attributing weight loss to the Wii when in fact they are also dieting, and exercising more b) lying -which I doubt c) are inactive and eat more when they aren’t using the Wii Fit so that the time they spend on the Wii Fit is time they actually spend away from snacking / sitting in a sedentary manner.

In other news:

I finally hit Professional Penguin status with the balance game, my time as an amateur penguin is over.   I was motivated by my desire to beat Chrissie – who it turns out only lifts his heels off of the board instead of leaning and using his core – any exploitation of technology and he is there. My Wii Fit age today was 28, a -4 age with the same statement “Your body is still in pretty good shape”.

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