Don’t Look at Me I’m Shy So I Made a Prenatal Yoga Video

Prenatal Yoga

For someone who deals with speaking to large groups daily, I’m an oddly shy person.  I don’t like photos, videos, even calling people on the phone – I have to emerge far from my comfortable shell.

What I aspire to do – my personal Sankalpa – is open a retreat center to help single mothers relax, families undergoing hardships, etc. get away for a little.  I know I have been through my fair share and would love to be able to afford the likes of Kripalu or other exotic yoga retreats.  Well, I think yoga should be accessible to the masses but in order to realize my dream I am going to need to find people to help me – which means people will have to know me.  I already give lectures and workshops – but these don’t bother me as much and they are local – County Health Institutes, Local Shelters, Local Corporations, the Thanksgiving Day Parade in Chicago, etc.  Until my pregnancy I was an avid and active Toastmaster – I guess I just don’t like print media since it adds 10 lbs!

So this is my first attempt to get some interstate recognition, hopefully it will work and I may be able to broaden my horizons. I taught and practiced a variety of yoga up until son was born a week overdue – including Power Yoga three times a week.  I would not recommend a vigorous practice for those new to yoga or exercise.


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