The Firm Will Firmly Kick Your Butt Into Shape

I had a chance to review the FIRM Calorie Explosion before it goes on Sale September 7th and I image love it so much I use some of the combos with my clients.  Anyone who was an avid aerobics fan in the 90s will appreciate the simple, aerobic drills that torch calories.  Nothing hard – a V-Step here, a side to side hop there – but don’t let the simplicity fool you – this workout is a killer.

I barely break a sweat these days in my cardio classes – but I pour buckets with the cardio squat variations in this workout.  You will need some 5-10 lbs weights to get the most benefit out of this workout DVD, but starting in December you will be able to purchase Cardio Weight Glove and Core Toner Kits.

What do I love most? 12 minute routines.  Dive right in and be done in imageas little as 12 minutes, vary your workout with customizable menu and burn longer!  The set and outfits are very modest – but I like modesty in my workout videos.  I don’t need to see some toothpick sized instructor with unrealistic cleavage hopping around. The ladies on this video were very professional, the set was low key, just a relaxing blue room, and the music was upbeat and real synced with the routines. The lead instructor had amazing energy and I appreciate when DVDs aren’t stop and go shooting.  I like to see the instructor work up a sweat, be challenged and out of breath a little.  Then you know that the workout is tough!

Segments include:

· Kick-butt Athletic Drills – Get your whole body in motion with these athletic moves mixed with low intensity sculpting

· Explosive Power Moves – Total body moves using light dumbbells to get your heart rate up

· Cardio Kickboxing – Blast your legs, arms and core with this high energy kickboxing routine designed to kick calories to the curb

· High-Intensity Moves – A blend of cardio and sculpting for maximum calorie burning

I highly recommend this video for anyone looking to burn some calories.  Many of the weighted moves have a kettlebell feel to them (since I just reviewed a Kettlebell book) which again will torch those calories. I am s ure these will be available for purchase at major big box retailers but you can order from Gaiam directly.  For over 30 years, The FIRM has had an impact on the fitness industry, researching and creating superior fitness techniques and products, inspiring women nationwide to feel and look their best. The FIRM Calorie Explosion continues to provide exercisers with opportunities to strengthen and tone at maximum efficiency.

The FIRM® DVD will be available in retail stores on September 7, 2010 and at, followed by The FIRM Weighted Cardio Gloves Kit and The FIRM CoreToner Plus Kit in December.


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