Green Smoothie Bible; Be the Incredible Hunk!

What’s Big, Green and Full of Power? No, not the comic book character – it’s the new craze of those craving the next big food movement – Green Smoothies. I was contacted to review a new book on the market, all opinions are my own and I received no compensation.

Introducing “The Green Smoothie Bible,” featuring 250 of the fastest and easiest recipes that will give your body the daily dose of fruits and vegetables it needs.
Delivering a bigger punch than simple fruit or vegetable juices, green smoothies add body-cleansing plant fibers and offer incredible benefits – improved skin and hair tone, more daily energy and a stronger immune system. You can choose whether to eat what’s in season or address particular health issues (bones and joints, cardiovascular health, cellular health, blood sugar and hormones).IMG_1346

Most of the recipes given are raw and vegan – two things that I enjoy!

The book itself is available via major online retailer for under $11

The Green Smoothie Bible isn’t just a recipe book, it is full of information regarding ingredients (such as Chia seeds, another hot food staple for this year), nutrition, and specific recipes for alleviating conditions.

Most of the recipes are simple, quick and use easy to find ingredients.  There are some interesting blends given, including using kitchen herbs you never would have imagined drinking.

If you are like me, a veggie loving vegan the recipes are great.  If you are like my husband who cringes at the sight of anything green and leafy – even the 40/60 won’t make this a palatable pleasure, though he could choke one down. Start the kiddos early, let them help you press the blender button and they are on board with anything, especially recipes with bananas as they provide a sweeter flavor. If nothing else the book really does provide interesting facts, like B6 can be found in bananas and bell peppers.


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