FitBit My New Favorite Tool for Healthy Living

I used to be an user of the competition, the product used on the Loser programs that tracks your burn via contact pads on your arm.  Me and other clients had noticed burns and itching appearing to go along with the high price tag of the unit and the need to continually pay for the online tracking portions which made it a big #FAIL! There we loads of other technical problems I experienced but lets talk about the positives of the FitBit.

  • Super discreet it clips to clothing, pants, bras even!
  • Free online program to track your food
  • Free tracking of heart rate and weight, plus it integrated with my Withings scale to automatically update my weight – now they just need to integrate the Withings Blood Pressure cuff too!
  • Integration with other awesome sites to motivate you such as Earndit – where you can win gift cards for being active!
  • Free Smartphone Apps that are ACTUALLY smart and easy to use on the go.
  • Night time sleeve to track your sleep patterns
  • Digital Display

The best bit? It only costs $99 shipped to your house with a wireless charging base for updating (it does require USB connection but if your FitBit is within 15 feet it auto updates).

I absolutely love the FitBit and recommend that clients grab one and gain insight into their daily activity:

Fitbit makes every step you take a step toward better fitness, even on your busiest days. Fitbit Ultra’s super sensitive 3-D motion sensor tracks your day down to details a pedometer can’t catch, showing your exact steps taken, calories burned, and distance traveled. The new altimeter tracks floors climbed (new) so you can monitor this heart-healthy activity, encouraging you to take the stairs at home or work, or climb a little further on your next hike.

FitBit’s site has thousands of foods already listed, but even if you can’t find your meal – you can add it into the system with absolute ease – even on the go with the smartphone app – I seriously have a crush on the FitBit – so does my 11 year old son.  What a great way to get kids moving.  We compete to see who takes more steps, who climbs more stairs, who walks more miles and even who’s flower has grown the largest (a FitBit visual to let you know if you are active). There is an option to find your friends and compete with them and of course post your progress to all of your social sites.  Also there is a choice between pink or blue accented FitBits.

There is a Premium program that you have to purchase, but I am not sure exactly what that is or the benefits so I have copied their information.  For $49.99 a year here is the deal

Get More Active or Lose Weight with Fitbit Trainer

  • Trainer 1 Getting motivated just got easier. The Fitbit digital trainer studies your exercise and activity data to give you an unbiased, objective measure of your activity level.
  • Trainer 2 The Fitbit digital trainer uses your data to create a personalized plan that leads you through 12 weeks of steadily increasing activity goals.
  • Trainer 3 Throughout the week, you can monitor your progress toward your goal right on your dashboard. The Fitbit digital trainer will let you know if you’re beating your goal or falling behind.
  • Trainer 4 You can always check your overall progress along the 12 week plan so that you know where you’re going every week.
  • Trainer 5 At the end of each week, the Fitbit digital trainer evaluates your efforts and summarizes them in a report. At the very end of the plan, the Fitbit digital trainer will show you how much progress you made over the last 12 weeks. Then you can create another plan to keep getting more fit!

Looking to increase your daily activity level? Reach your movement goals more quickly and see results faster with Fitbit Trainer!

How it works: Fitbit Trainer reviews your current activity level and creates a personalized 12 week fitness plan that pushes you to gradually increase your movement.

See In-Depth Analysis of YOUR Data

  • Report 1 Personal food reports provide an easy-to-read analysis of your food and what it means to you: expected weight change, macronutrient balance, your distribution of calorie intake throughout the day, and more.
  • Report 2 How active are you? How has your activity level changed? You can find out with your personalized activity reports. They show your activity levels, break down your caloric burn over your favorite activities, and show your historical trends to make it easier for you to understand your data.
  • Report 3 Get the most out of your sleep logging with personalized sleep reports. They provide insight into your sleep with interesting sleep stats and historical trends and make it simple to highlight changes in your sleep patterns.
  • Report 4 Your reports also give you a convenient journal of your foods and activities so that you can see everything at a glance.

Are you working towards goals for better health, or looking for trends in your lifestyle? Access your personal reports to quickly identify changes for a healthier you. Reports provide in-depth analysis of your historical trends for sleep, food and activity!

How it works: Personalized reports give you easy-to-read analyses of your week’s data and recommend targets for the following week.

Rank Yourself Against Your Peers

Benchmark 1 Are you ahead of the curve? Find out how you stand up against your peers with the Fitbit Benchmark. This interactive tool lets you compare yourself to the entire Fitbit community of users, or specific demographic groups within Fitbit. Increase your motivation and set new fitness goals by comparing your activity with others.

  • Benchmark 2 Do you have less energy than your friends? You might not be getting enough sleep! The Fitbit Benchmark allows you to quickly see how you sleep relative to others and where you are compared to recommended sleep guidelines.
  • Benchmark 3 The Fitbit Benchmark also lets you see how your weight compares to the average person in your demographic and where you are relative to your recommended weight.
  • Benchmark 4 The Fitbit Benchmark is a fun interactive tool for exploring the entire Fitbit database. Putting the Fitbit Benchmark into All Demographics mode allows you to see every demographic group at once so that you can find interesting trends related to gender, age, and body type. Check it out if you’ve ever been curious about how sleep, activity, and weight vary across different people populations.

Are you curious about how your personal stats compare to the Fitbit community? Increase your motivation and set new wellness goals by comparing your weight, activity and sleep with others.

How it works: Premium benchmarking is an interactive tool that lets you explore the Fitbit database to see how you stand up against your peers. Are you curious about how your personal stats compare to the Fitbit community? Increase your motivation and set new wellness goals by comparing your weight, activity and sleep with others.

Track Multiple Facets of Your Life

  • Custom 1 Want to remember how many times you cheated on that diet? Need to keep track of a specific fitness goal? Custom trackers allow you to keep tabs on anything that your heart desires. Creating a new custom tracker is a breeze!
  • Custom 2 After you’ve created your custom tracker, you can log your data every day and see convenient historical graphs to chart your trends.
  • Custom 3 With a premium membership, you can create an unlimited number of custom trackers to capture every data point in your lifestyle.

Do you have a specific goal as part of a healthier lifestyle? Perhaps you want to quit smoking, be able to do 20 pushups, or reduce caffeine levels? Custom trackers let you track anything that your heart desires – and tracking is the first step to changing your lifestyle!

How it works: Set up a custom tracker to easily identify and monitor areas you’d like to improve. Track your commute time or how many times you eat dessert each week to see the effect on your behavior. You get unlimited use of one customizable tracker for free, but to add more you’ll need to be a premium member.

Are you getting the minimum 10,000 steps in a day? You will be surprised how inactive you can be in a day.  Get up, get moving – and get visual with FitBit – its by far my favorite piece of fitness equipment yet.  If I didn’t already own one I would want one for Mother’s Day!

I have never been approached by the FitBit company to review their product but I love it so much I want to share it with everyone!!


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