Coregeous With Jill Miller Baby Belly Gone

Ever wondered why you would want to rip or shred your body.  How did the idea of violent verbs come into describing physical fitness, peak health and exercise?

I was contacted to review Jill Miller’s DVD Coregeous, I received no compensation and the opinions are my own.

Jill definitely knows the core, and as someone who loves to learn I found the DVD very informative regarding the muscles; however, the average purchaser probably does not need as much dialogue about the individual muscles.  The video is very verbose, there are only a few instances during breath work when Jill even uses a voiceover, otherwise she is always talking.  It is a far cry from the average abdominal DVD – I think in a good way but I’m not so certain that people looking for a sweaty, wear you out workout would respond the same.

I liked the exercises and the large amount of detailed directions.  This DVD is perfect for older individuals especially since there are not many “Sit-ups” or “Neck pulling” exercises until you get to Coreganization. 

The use of trademarked words such as Corseo and Coregeous does get a little tiring but as a professional I understand the need to brand, brand, brand!

I also love that Jill has a regular looking belly, I’m pretty sure by the way it looks she has had children – she looks like a woman with a healthy core and spine – not some airbrushed idea of what fit looks like.

I highly recommend this DVD for people looking to strength their core, but I do caution, this DVD is not exciting. It is 105 minutes of slow moving, talking through precise movements – just like physical therapy.

I received no compensation for this review, the opinions expressed are my own.


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