My Favorite New Mystery Series by @Talexander and Holiday Gift from @Levenger

imageThis year my husband got it VERY right for Hanukah. Although he still did not wrap my gift I can forgive that because he bought me THE bed lounger.  I know it may look like one of those typical college campus pieces of furniture but I assure you it isn’t.  Where the department store bed pillows leave you cramped and smooshed while reading, not keeping their shape, this pillow has a lumbar support insert, supportive arms and an adjustable neck pillow. Now you can find this pillow on several websites but the one he purchased from and the least expensive is You can visit other sites and find a matching leg pillow for $90 but honestly any pillow under the knees does the job while reading. I also received a gift card with the lounger that I assume was a deal with purchase though iy is possible it really was “from the kids”.  I used that to buy my second favorite thing from Levenger – The Thai Pad! And it was on sale with a Thai Pad Mini – I love things in miniature.

With my new pillow for reading all I needed was something to read.  Sadly, my last favorite series has no new books – I’ll post about that one later.  So I decided to take a look at the online catalog and search Historical Fiction genre.  I love historical fictions as they give me the romance and suspense that other fictions do, but without the guilt of reading “romance” novels because of the historical angle.  I always feel as though I am learning something and connecting to history. If history textbooks were written from the point of view of actual individuals I probably would have fared far better in history class. 

I found one of my favorite – a female heroine point of view mystery, set in Victorian times.  Enter Lady Emily Ashton, a young widow who solves the mysterious death of her husband and meets some colorful characters in the course of her investigation (if a Victorian would deem it acceptable to call it that).  I am a pushover for continuity and the books in the series all have ties to each other. I love books that actually follow a chronology, though you could read them out of order I suppose – just don’t tell me about it!

I read the first in the series in the afternoon and headed to the library for the second book.  Then I succumbed to the holiday library closure and had to sit restlessly waiting until Wednesday to get back in to the library.  I picked up the rest of the series and am finishing A Crimson Warning now with the latest, Death in the Floating City, on hold since it is a HOT book at the library.

Having studied literature in college and trained as an English teacher I am a very picky reader.  I hate wasting time reading poorly written books, and even more abhor reading a book and not feeling anything. I’d rather hate a character then to feel apathetic to her.  I find myself reading the Lady Emily series and yelling at the pages in my mind – then arguing with myself that Lady Emily couldn’t simply do as she wished since women had few rights, yada yada yada.  I really get drawn into the intrigue of the plots with my only real disappointment being the vague generalities around the characters’ descriptions.  I am a visual person and always have scenes running through my head as I read – I simply can’t get a picture for many of the main characters but this could be a lazy brain that has relied solidly on board books and picture books for reading material the last 10 years as a mother.

My aging brain aside, (though I do pray that plasticity does last longer as per my readings) I was happy to see that the author, Tasha Alexander, now lives in Chicago. I’m not one to care much for celebrity and usually have no idea what is going on in the world outside of yoga and fitness, but I love to support local artists and spread the word of good art! Pick up any books in the series – I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.

And Only to Deceive

A Poisoned Season

A Fatal Waltz

Tears of Pearl

Dangerous to Know

A Crimson Warning

PS: I’d love to point out that the bed lounger makes a wonderful nursing support and play fort for the kids as well.

I received no compensation for this post, the opinions expressed are my own and given freely.


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