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image Unlike many New Year’s resolutions, like losing 50 pounds or becoming vegan, adding supplements is one goal that can easily be achieved for 2013. Dr. Kristen Bobik, founder of Balance Chiropractic and Wellness Practitioners, explains how 5 essential daily supplements can make a positive contribution to your overall health. This small, yet significant addition to daily life is something that anyone can commit to—and stick to—for the New Year, especially with a subscription plan from Bulu Box. No need to drag the kids to the vitamin store where they will inevitably push all of the vitamin bottles to the back of the shelf, or run around the aisles earning you glares from clerks who should be a bit happier selling health products.

The Top 5 Essential Daily Supplements:

1) Probiotics- The truth about the Immune System is that over 80% of it is actually housed inside of our Digestive System, from the stomach all the way through the intestines, also known as the gut. Probiotics are the “good bacteria” to balance out the common abundance of bad bacteria in the gut. In addition to improving our Immunity, Probiotics are great for digestive symptoms (bloating, pain, constipation, diarrhea, etc.) and skin conditions (acne, rashes, psoriasis, eczema, dry skin).

2) Digestive Enzymes – When we cook/heat our food, we lose valuable enzymes that help the body break down our food and absorb the nutrients. Digestive Enzymes replace those lost enzymes, and assist the gut in functioning. Digestive Enzymes also help with symptoms such as: bloating, difficult digestion, heartburn, and constipation.

3) Fish Oil – Omega 3 oils (the “good” fats) provide great support to the brain, heart, and lower inflammation (think: arthritis and poor memory). The average American has too little Omega 3s and too many Omega 6s (which is the “bad” fat) due to poor food choices.

4) An Alkalizing Tablet, like “Alka Green” – The body’s pH basically describes what the chemical environment of our insides is like. It can be either acidic or alkaline, and this is determined by many factors (most notably the food we eat/drink and stress level). Americans are 70% acidic, but we need our body’s pH to be 70% alkaline to be healthy. How do we become more alkaline? Vegetables are alkaline, and most other foods (dairy, sugar, carbs, anything processed) are acidic. Alkalizing tablets bridge the gap. Why is alkalinity so important? Research as early as the 1930?s has shown conclusively that cancer CANNOT survive in an alkaline environment.

5) Goji Berries (dried and organic) – Chinese Medicine has been using foods as medicine for 5,000 years with success. What we put in our body can either work for us or against us. To make a long story short, many Americans have trouble with our Kidney Energetic Pathway in Chinese Medicine terms. This pathway has to do with our energy levels, low back pain, bags under the eyes, low immune system, and more. Snacking on a small amount of Goji Berry daily will strengthen and nourish our Kidney Pathway.

Now it is easier than ever to add supplements to your wellness plan and even give the gift of health to a loved one. With nearly half of all American on at least one supplement, it’s obvious that a supplement would be the perfect gift for a fitness minded person for the holidays. It’s the gift of health and fitness.  But who gives pills to show that they care? The trend of subscription boxes has entered the world of vitamins and supplements just in time for the holiday season and now there’s the opportunity to give the gift of supplements year round.

Bulu Box is a unique gift for any fitness minded person that will be delivered directly to the recipient’s front door every month. It is the first monthly subscription vitamin and supplement sample box, filled with healthy vitamin and supplement samples. Bulu Box has done the work for you and selected only the most recognized and tested brands to include in their box. Now, there’s a way we can test products and see how well they work on our bodies before spending hundreds of dollars on the full sized bottles. Bulu Box is changing how we purchase supplements.

Bulu Box will make a great gift for your loved ones who are health and fitness minded this holiday season. Your loved ones will be able to discover new products they like and hopefully find the one that makes their a little better and easier. Bulu Box is even running a sale right now on 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions.  I received a sample Bulu Box to review and it is a pretty good deal for the items that you receive.  Although I did not receive any “pills” I did receive some great wellness items I might otherwise have not found. Each month you receive 4-5 samples of high quality products and can earn points for filling out surveys, sharing and sampling – things you already do!image

My box contained:

  • FRS Healthy Energy Chew (30) full size sample great for endurance enthusiasts
  • Perky Jerky
  • Crystal Essence Towelettes (1 towellete)
  • Cocoa Well True Energy Veggie Capsules (2 caps)
  • Almaseed Synergy Diet Supplement (2 sample) metabolism enhancement

My husband loved the Perky Jerky with its smoky bacon flavor and a hit of caffeine from Guarana helped him stay energized through the day of chores and kid duty (or doody). If you find a sample product you like don’t worry about searching shelves all around for the product, Bulu Box sells them online and all those points you rack up? Use them to purchase full sized products! You can cancel your membership at any time but I doubt you will once you get used to receiving products regularly to your door, and who doesn’t love earning points for future purchases?

Still not sold?? Well how about giving a month a try for FREE? Go to and put in promo code FEELGOOD

I received no compensation for this review, the opinions expressed are my own and made freely.


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