#StayConnected with Juil The Only Shoe to Ground You



You read that right Juil will ground you.  Now if you are a parent this means something completely different than their Energy Flow Technology™ (compound copper conductors) directly through the footbed and outsole of the sandals of Juils which offer a direct conduit between our bodies and the earth’s surface grounding you! With these new shoes you are able to go about your day, in comfort, while heeding the earth’s reviving electrons necessary to sustain healthy, stable lives, even with a crazy and wild collection of children at your heels. Mothers, connect yourself to mother earth today, and give your body and feet a sense of relief.

Readers know that I am the last person to invest in fads.  I was one of the first people to point out the ridiculousness of toning sneakers and their danger before the lawsuits, and to point out the danger of wheel based shoes to children before scientific articles came out revealing the same information.  So you can imagine I would be highly skeptical of these earth grounding shoes.  In fact, when I was contacted to review them I thought they were just plain shoes.  Then I received the product.  I really liked the polka-dot looking design and didn’t realize that this is actually a  feature of the product that they have carried over into marketing and branding. The little circles you see everywhere are actually also embedded in the shoes .lg_copenhagen_black_front

The box, the yoga mat bag lovingly wrapped around the shoes, and the shoes themselves made me take notice.  I chose to review the Copenhagens because I have never found a clog I could wear and I am in desperate need of a good slip on.  As I mentioned, I also have low arches. I unpacked my Juil Copenhagens and slipped them on since that point there has been no taking them off, except for sleep.  My podiatrist recommended finding a good slipper or shoe to wear around the house to combat arch and baby toe pain and I have used these for just this purpose. Since wearing these Juil Copenhagens everywhere, and I mean to the Children’s Museum, to the mall, grocery shopping and everywhere about 50,000K steps so far, I have alleviated all of those foot pains.

You can see the soft rolls in the front and back of the shoe that pad the top of the foot and back of the heel – they are heavenly. My one complaint is that the shoes are a little too loose for me.  I requested a size 9 as that is what I wear in Nikes, the shoes I lived in until I found Juil.  When I walk, the heels lift up and my toes slide across the copper inserts.  This is fine in a thicker sock but barefoot or thin socked it causes a rough action that is abrasive. I believe this is solely because the shoe is 1/2 size too big and not a flaw in the design.  I would love the Copenhagen to come in more colors as well.  Currently there is black and camel.  The black is so multi-functional though this could be the only pair of shoes you own.  I have worn these with dress slacks, jeans, yoga pants, you name it. I love the convenience of fast slip on and off!

What else do you need to know? They offer Men’s and Women’s shoes (hopefully children’s soon because today’s generation could use the grounding and I bet a large market of ADHD suffering children would be served with these), and have a Vegan Flip Flop the Gaia.

I would love to see Juil as a Reward on LifeKraze – I think it is the perfect fit and I know it would motivate me to move more  and allow me to purchase more if there was a discount reward on Juil

Juil is connecting you to the earth, now connect with them via Twitter, and Facebook to find out what is going on with this local Wisconsin business!

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