Your Family Can Be Fit

With this generation of children being the first expected to not outlive their parents due to the obesity epidemic it becomes every parents’ priority to keep their children fit and healthy.

How parents go about doing this can have a large effect on outcomes and children. Fun should always be at the heart of every interaction with children, especially those around health and wellness.

Three main areas to address are Environment, Eating and Activity.


Are you aware of the dangers in the areas your children sleep, play, eat and wash?  Although some parents roll their eyes at crazed friends who are constantly looking out for invisible “toxins”, they may want to take note of the ramblings every once in a while to keep their own children safe. BPA, bleach, and plastic water bottles have all come under fire recently for being less than healthy and have made it on the “toxin” list.


Family of four or family of one, eating healthy is sometimes less than fun.  So how can a busy parent provide nutritious options at every meal? It isn’t as hard as it sounds when you practice substitution.  Side step the salad lettuce and use spinach instead in many places. Or give your palate a new taste to contend with, try a delicious raw kale salad next time you are thinking about greens.  Get the kids involved with the chopping, tossing and then eating!


Armed with a healthy environment and full of energy boosting food it should be easy to get those little ones moving but that’s not always the case.  Today’s youth are growing up addicted to hand held devices and fantasy environments, something that can change the overall structure of their brain and how it responds to stimuli.  Start at an early age combating this leading cause of lethargy with fun activities.  An easy and quick one that kids will love to help out with is hula hooping. Build your own hoops, put on some tunes, and viola! instant party.  Be sure to join your kids in the fun and model good healthy fitness.

Be sure to keep anything you choose fun and the mood light.  There are enough harsh words in the world for children who are different and there is no need for them to come from parents.  The focus of getting and keeping kids healthy should always be fun and lifelong love for health.

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