Shamanic Gardening a Must Have Book for Creating Sacred Spaces

I received a copy of this book for review, I was not compensated in any way, all opinions expressed are my own and given freely.image

“A shaman is one who walks in two worlds, one seen easily by everyone, another seen with the senses of the heart, deep recesses of the mind, and within the collective spiritual consciousness.”

I am not a gardener though I love the idea of gardens and spend much of my summer taking my children to local gardens. I hope to instill in them the importance of nature, of green spaces, and the environment. I want the to grow a love for the outdoors that will blossom as they mature.  As for the epitome of the bourgeois-  a green luscious lawn that takes up a lot of space growing nothing and usually tended by someone else for you- I abhor them. I would prefer to have a yard full of fruit trees and herb boxes around my windows so I could reach out and clip fresh cilantro for my salads (if you are one of the unlucky genomes that thinks cilantro tastes like soap, stay with me).

Shamanic Gardening awoke in me the magic of gardening.  Melinda Joy’s writing style joyously weaves a path for novice, and avid,  gardeners to follow.  If I were to take up gardening I would keep my Kindle handy and a digital version of this book on my carousel. DSC03057You may wonder why someone who has no green thumb would love a book on gardening so much and I will tell you why.  It’s less about the garden and more about the process.  The opening of the book relates the author’s own history and credentials, how she studied for years with an elder of the Seneca tribe and how she was fortunate to grow up eating the fruits of the land.  The author Melinda Joy Miller is a feng shui master, cultural anthropologist, integrative therapist, medicine woman and Keeper of the Medicine Wheel of Peace teachings of the Senecas. She has been practicing and teaching permaculture methods for over thirty years. I’m a bit of a voyeur at times and I love to know about other people’s lives. how they live and connect to the rest of cosmos- but that is not what makes this book so great. 

After her own history comes the history of planting, plants and gardening techniques. Shamanic Gardening includes a cultural history of sustainable gardening, including gardening techniques used by Cleopatra, the Japanese, the Pueblo Indians, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, and many others. Learn how to make your soil healthy, how to find the right place for each plant and how to plant for different intentions such as “Planting for Nutrition You can see an excerpt from the book and get a feel for the wonders IMG_2568 contained inside Shamanic Gardening.

There are recipes, how to make essences, and a wonderfully full section on high nutritional edibles with requirements, uses, growth and history of each.  To connect with other fans of gardening visit

And of course for more great information the blog here:

This book truly awakened my inner gardener and binds together so many wonderful themes of conservationism, healthy eating, herbalism and love. Shamanic Gardening integrates sustainable ancient and traditional gardening methods with shamanic principles and modern permaculture. The practices, history, myths, recipes, and philosophies inside this book will enhance your relationship with nature, sustain the earth, delight your senses, and nourish your soul. A very interesting and definitely useful book to own. Pick up Shamanic Gardening Timeless Techniques for the Modern Sustainable Garden by Melinda Joy Miller

Shamanic Gardening: Timeless Techniques for the Modern Sustainable    Garden • ISBN: 978-1-934170-36-6 • eISBN: 978-1-934170-38-0 • 322 pages 


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