A Moving Hiatus for @FamilyCanBFit

We are in the process of moving our 3 kids 3200 miles from Naperville, IL (Chicagoland) to Portland, OR.  Thank goodness I am flying with the three kids instead of driving again. After our test drive out there for my older son to interview at ChildPeace Montessori I knew I had to work hard on my anxiety and panic attacks so I could fly.  I became very serious about my Svaroopa Yoga practice and took the Foundations training.  This made me a more peaceful parent, alleviated all my SI joint pain and as of right now put the cabash on the panic attacks.

This is just a note to let all of my readers, fans, friends, and past students know that we will be taking a small hiatus until we get situated in Portland. I will be posting photos on Instagram http://instagram.com/skyyogastudio , facebook http://www.facebook.com/skyyogastudio and pinterest http://pinterest.com/skyyogastudio/ . If you are interested in watching the 3200 mile trip unfold – my possible forthcoming insanity (I’ve never parented 3 alone) or some great photos from the road – be sure to keep in contact because the fun begins 9 am Wednesday July 3rd.

Thank you to everyone who contributed emotionally, financially and spiritually to my journey – without your support and kindness I would not be who I am and doing what I am today!


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