You Want a Healthy HooHoo and Tatas Right?

I apologize for the childish name calling of some serious female body parts – but vagina and breasts just aren’t as rhythmic sounding for a title. This week I was sent HealthyHooHoo feminine wipes and cleanser and Coobie’s Seamless Sports Bra. Both companies offer a full range line to help keep women looking and feeling their best. Healthy Hoohoo is a complete line of feminine freshness products that are revolutionary in their simplicity. Free of harsh chemicals, fragrances and parabens, healthy hoohoo gentle feminine wash, foaming cleanser and wipes are designed to naturally cleanse without removing all the goodness Mother IMG_3555[1]Nature provides.  With all of the chemicals that bombard is in the world it is good to know that you can turn to an eco and body friendly option for quick cleaning.  Why might you need Healthy Hoohoo wipes? For personal hygiene needs they’re perfectly portable last-minute refresher wipes. These wipes are revolutionary in their simplicity to a woman’s body, and are great for travel, camping, yoga or after a fun day at the beach – anytime you don’t have time for a shower and just want to feel fresher.  Ever had swamp crotch? You know what I mean ladies on those hot humid days when you are walking around building up sweat in all of the places sweat normally stays out of, or on a long car ride when even windows down and frequent stops at rest areas still make you feel like you need a little freshening up.  I even used these on my daughter when we ran out of wipes – because that’s basically what they are – big girl wipes. So throw them in your purse or in your gym bag and know you have freshness right at your fingertips!

Speaking of gym bags, Coobie Seamless Sport Bra is new to the market.  Super soft and comfortable and made of the same great stretch fabric as the standardIMG_3552[1] Coobie bras it may be a new gym bag favorite.  I have never tried a Coobie bra since I am a breastfeeding mom and I tend to stick to nursing bras.  After the recent French study showing that bras did not help posture or breast tissue elasticity and strength I have been going commando lately, not something recommended for everyone by the study.  If you haven’t had a chance to read the recent blog post Viva La Boobies I suggest you do, you may never look at breasts the same way again.  I have long been a supporter of breast health, anti-underwire and pro breast freedom and have to say the new Coobie Seamless bra is definitely comfortable and not constricting.  Coobie states that the Seamless Sports bra is  “designed to provide comfort and support during any fitness workout, the new Coobie Seamless Sports Bra is made for women who are serious about their routine and comfort level.  Approximate traditional bra size equivalents are: Small – 28A-32D, Medium – 32A-36D, Large – 38A-42D.”

I regularly wear a 42DD if I can squeeze into one.  I tried on the size L that was sent to me and although it fit around my IMG_3554[1]ribcage it was like wearing two pasties.  My breasts hung out of the bottom edge of the bra to the chagrin of my husband who catcalled “looking good” from his computer.  This would make a wonderful sleep bra for sure but there is no way that this is going to provide support during any fitness workout.  Yoga, maybe. You are supposed to be less restricted by clothing in yoga.  I don’t run, but when I did I preferred full impact, full support from my bras – same with when I taught Zumba.  This bra just wouldn’t cut it. I wasn’t to impressed with the manufacturing either, looks to me like the straps are a very weak point both in the back (small plastic o ring connection) and in the front where two fabrics are  sewn together.  These bras, however; retail for only $22 so a far cry from the $55-100 I have had to spend in the past to get full support from other big name sporting companies’ bras.

If you are smaller chested or sticking to some less rigorous exercise, this soft, supple and breathable bras is for you.  If you tip the cup at larger than a B – I wouldn’t suggest this bra for anything exercise related outside of yoga or pilates.

 I received samples of these products for review, I was not compensated in any way, all opinions expressed are my own and given freely.

Cycle into Spring and Bike Safety


It’s springtime and even though no-one alerted the weather yet that it is spring but we have had a few good days for bike riding.  With warmer weather we have the ability to get the family outside more and one of my family’s favorite activities is bicycling. We have a membership to our local arboretum and love to take the kids there to tool around.  Cycling is the second most popular outdoor activity right after running for Americans.  Last year my husband and I splurged and bought ourselves new bikes, bike car seats for the kids, water bottle holders and even a bike rack.  What we did not buy were bicycle locks. But we are not alone, statistics show that 33 % of individuals do not lock their bikes up, and an unattended, unlocked bike is an easy target for thieves. 

So why don’t we lock up our bikes? Maybe we still like to believe that we live in a world where we can leave our front doors open to catch a breeze and kids can leave their bikes in front of the store to grab a cool drink on a summer day.  Sadly with 48% of people having had their bike stolen, or knowing someone who has, it just isn’t the case anymore.  Our bikes weren’t cheap, they weren’t racing bike expensive, but they were a little more expensive than the grocery store variety – enough to warrant protecting them from theft with a $26 bike lock.  Enter the

image 8195D Force Series ULock:

  • Force 3 standard U-lock
  • $1000 anti-theft guarantee
  • Sliding dust cover protects keyway from dirt and moisture.
  • Hardened steel body resists cutting, sawing and prying.
  • Double locking shackle withstands 3 tons (2.72 metric tons) of pull force.
  • Disc key for superior pick resistance.
  • Soft grip for comfortable use, weather and scratch resistance.
  • Carrier bracket included for convenient storage.

I have used this lock and it is quick simple, comes with a carrying bracket that mounts to your bike so there is no excuse to not have a lock with you.  You are more likely to lose your lock key than lose your bike to a thief with this lock.  The $1000 anti-theft guarantee assures you that these locks will provide security and peace of mind through many years of use. They have been engineered to provide you the highest level and most economical means possible to secure your property. It’s just another reason why Master Lock products offer street smart security.

Now that you are armed with your lock and your bike you are ready to set out, right? Well don’t forget basic bike safety.  Riding while wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of head injury by as much as 85%, so be sure to cover your noggin before you mount up and know that 3 hours of cycling a week can lower your risk for heart attack and stroke by 50% so get pedaling.

As for your bike be sure to check:

 imageDon’t own your own bike? No problem there are options for those who don’t own to simply rent, including a new online site Spinlistera marketplace that lets bike owners rent their bikes to travelers, cyclists, and locals looking to explore over 300 cities in 50 countries.

How it works:

-For bike owners, it’s easy to list a bike and earn cash. After filling out a few details, and submitting photos of your sweet chariot, within 24 to 48 hours (after we check for quality, price, and accuracy), your bike will be ready for rent.

-For bike renters, you have it easy too! Simply search by location, bike size, and type to get a list of available bikes near you. From there, you can request a rental from the bike’s owner and ask questions. Once the Lister approves your request, it’s a match made in bicycle heaven.


I was provided a sample bike lock for review and use of graphics, I was not compensated in any way and all opinions are my own, given freely.

Ditch the Joint Stress, Workout With Ease Giveaway CONTEST ENDED

Up until October 2012 I owned a fitness studio and taught full time, a full schedule of fitness, dance, and yoga classes. Through two pregnancies, up until the day each was born, and back to work two weeks post partum.  It is not something I recommend but in order to keep income coming in I had to work.  Small business owners seldom get a day off from their daily grind.

Throughout the last decade I have taught a variety of formats; Zumba, Pilozing, Yoga, Ballet Bootcamp, you name it and even with all of my credentials I still make a wrong move, twist the wrong way, or forget to bring my dance shoes to class.  Now, with Dancesocks you don’t have to worry about buying the “right type” of shoe for class.  Several instructors that worked at my studio used slip-on sock products to teach on a variety of surfaces – from carpets that allow no slide to wood floors that can get tacky.

Why would you need Dancesocks? The average sneaker most people buy is a running shoe, turned up at the end with a high amount of grips on the bottom – these shoes are made for forward movement, not lateral movement, spinning or twisting.  Now, you could purchase a pair of shoes for each exercise endeavor you take on, and there are cheerleading/dance shoes with pivot points for dancing, but; you could just as easily get a pair of Dancesocks for $10 and save yourself the cost of a new pair of $100 shoes that you will only wear in class.  Dancesocks are economical and make sense, you can transition any pair of sneakers into aerobic dance shoes.

My Dancesocks arrived from , a website that invites you to shop in “your coolest friend’s closet” and offers a wide range of clothing, gift and accessories. I have a hard time finding cute tops and always seem to run into people who find the most comfortable looking trendy tees that I would want to teach yoga in.  Cocoscloset definitely has few adorable tee shirts I wouldn’t mind owning.  In fact, there are a lot of great items for trendy moms available in Cocoscloset.  Here are my top three picks for mom (hint, hint, wink to my family!)

1. I happen to know another owl crazed mom so “ode to you my bellydance friend” it is the

Vegan Leather Phone Wristlets – Owl (Pink)


2. For moms on the run and on the go, yes I miss the fanny pack it is

Spibelt – Small Personal Item Belt – Turquoise Pouch with Black Zipper


3. Let me end my list by saying:

“NAMASTE” T-shirt


Armed with a few great ideas for mom this Mother’s Day go out into the world and shop, or click the Rafflecopter link below for a chance to win you or you mom Dancesocks from CocosCloset!

I received a pair of DanceSocks for review, I was not compensated in any way and all opinions expressed are my own and given freely. Winner will receive a pair of Dancesocks from CocosCloset, FamilyCanBFit is not responsible for prize fulfillment


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Congrats to our Winner Rose!

End Bedwetting Tonight with the Chummie

image Recently, popular musician and entertainer Sean Combs admitted that he was a bedwetter as a kid.  It’s a condition that affects millions of children every year and it can be one of the most stressful and highly undiagnosed conditions for kids nationwide.  It must be hereditary to some extent because I remember being a bedwetter, having dreams about urination and waking up in a wet bed until I was about 7.  Not too frequently to cause concern obviously since nothing was done about it. As a parent I have experience with potty training, and bed wetting – they seem to go hand in hand.  I was definitely tired of changing the sheets each day, and of buying a new mattress every few months when the protective sheets stopped working and my bed looked like a crime scene.

Introducing the Chummie, a nighttime bedwetting alarm that is a breakthrough treatment for boys and girls.  This patented system is a drug free, personalized system that offers a way to help stop bedwetting among children ages four and older in just a matter of weeks.  The Chummie alarm with built in proprietary algorithms constantly checks for urine detection throughout the night while your child sleeps, detecting accidents promptly.  The award winning Chummie is the world’s most advance bedwetting alarm treatment system with the fastest treatment time and highest success rate around, ultimately saving parents money, worry and stress over a short period of time.

When ours arrived I immediately showed it to our four year old son.  I explained what it was and he enjoyed the little face.  I told him that if he started to wet at night an alarm would go off and he would vibrate. He was all systems go.  I could not figure out how to change the alarm sound. We cosleep which makes bedwetting even more of an inconvenience but I really did not want to add to the nightly nursing and waking schedule with a loud alarm. Oh well.

One night, that’s all it took and it didn’t even take a full night.  Somehow, I don’t know if he licked the sensor to test it, or let a little dribble out, but the Chummie went off right at bed time, not a time we normally have problems with.  My son looked shocked, and ran to the bathroom.  Then he wanted to take the Chummie off, I told him not until he had no more accidents.  He wore the Chummie that night, no wet bed and since two weeks ago we haven’t had a wet sheet again.

Was it the Chummie? Well, my son did not like the alarm and vibration and it may have been the push he needed to get him up out of bed at night. The Chummie site sells bed pads, Chummies for adults, stain remover and more. The system is very easy to use, the Chummie dood hooks to pajamas and the sensor to the outside and front of bottoms, flexitape is provided but you may find you use more than one. There is also a bed mat system called the One Drop Detection IntelliFlex Mat for Chummie Pro Alarm.  I was first introduced to the idea of bedwetting systems through a client’s experience helping her stepchild break a bedwetting habit at age ten.  These systems do work and can help children take control of their issue, leaving the embarrassment of wet sheets, and even the solitude of no sleepovers, behind them.

What I really loved about this system is their recycling program.  You can send in your used Chummie, it will be cleaned and inspected and sent to less fortunate children.

bedwetting alarm reuse Donate your Chummie Bedwetting AlarmProgram Highlights

There are over 100 Million children in the world that suffer from bedwetting but don’t have access or funds to purchase a Chummie Bedwetting Alarm.

  • Help less fortunate children stay dry at night
  • Reduce the environmental footprint
  • Your turn to do some good
  • Brighten another child’s life
  • All this at no cost to you

I did receive a Chummie system for review, I was not compensated in any way and all opinions expressed are freely given and my own based on my experience with the product.

Orthaheel Sandals for Mother’s Day Fashion and Foot Health in One Gift

imageI received a pair of Orthaheel Fleur II for review, I was not compensated in any way, all opinions expressed are my own.

Shower your mom with fashionable and feet saving new wedges and sandals from Orthaheel and Weil Integrated Footwear. These new adorable 2-inch wedge styles are the first podiatrist approved heels that are constructed with built in lightweight EVA biomechanical orthotic foot bed, which supports her every step – from toe to heel. The entire new Spring Summer 2013 collection will provide your mom with preventative foot care, support and sustainable comfort that is also fashionably wearable.image

The first thing I noticed about Orthaheel Sandals is their high arch and posting.  This is not something you normally find in fashionable sandals.  A recent mall trip had me eyeing tons of great summer sandals that looked like pieces of cardboard with rhinestone toe bondage devices.  Needles to say I knew how uncomfortable the average summer sandal would be for me.  I have fallen arches and pronate which is why I live in sneakers with lots of support.  I had given up ever wearing a cute summer shoe again. Then, I received a pair of the Fleur II shown page right. 

I usually suffer from baby toe, knee and hip pain on my left side, not to mention plantar facittis when I wear anything other than sneakers. These sandals were heaven to slip on.  For the average woman I believe they would make a 100% improvement in walking, for me, because there was a lack of strap across the back of the heel, it was not the best sandal for long walking.  I really need that support, otherwise my foot is being held in the sandal by nothing more than a tiny thong. It was a very comfortable toe thong though.

I loved the flower accent on this flip flop sandal which added a bit of playfulness to my foot without too much heavy beading, rhinestones, or other adornments. The Orthaheel Fleur comes in seven stylish and peppy colors. Other attributes of this particular sandal include:

  • PU upper
  • Microfiber EVA covered footbed
  • Invented by leading Australian podiatrist, Phillip Vasyli, the sandal features our built-in lightweight EVA biomechanical orthotic footbed that supports your feet and helps realign the lower legs, reducing over-pronation and associated aches and pains.
  • Durable rubber medium profile outsole with wave-patterned tread helps improve traction on uneven surfaces.
  • Materials: woven/polyurethane uppers, padded neoprene upper liner, EVA footbed, TPR outsole.
  • Recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil
  • Received APMA Seal of Acceptance

 imageWhat I should have gone with instead of the Fleur was the Muir, it has a sole by Vibram – one of my favorite shoe companies and a heel strap but as you can see its more industrial, and functional looking, so not quite as summer flirty.  Definitely a hiking sandal. If you are looking for fun summer footwear there are the Julie, Bali, Mia, Yasmin and Kelly Wedge which all have backstraps and priced beetween $47 –99.  I know that is a higher price tag then the cheap – and I mean cheaply made most of all – cardboard thin sandals you can purchase, but remember there is the priceless cost of your health.  Foot health is so important, it effects the rest of your body immensely.

The majority of the population is affected by pronation (rolling inward of the ankles and feet), which is commonly confused with being flat footed, and is just the beginning to a long road of potentially chronic pain and complications.  A normal foot pronates and supinates (rolls outwards) during a running or walking stride.  If the feet are not properly supported, normal pronation and supination can become excessive. This causes increased strain and inflammation of the soft tissues which help support the joints in the lower body and can lead to chronic pain and injury, not to mention the excessively painful and more common – planter’s fasciitis.

Innovative podiatrist and global foot health consultant, Phil Vasyli of Vasyli Medical and Orthaheel ( provides the following helpful information to self-diagnose, treat, and prevent pronation.

How to determine if your feet pronate?

When you get out of the shower, check out your footprint on the floor to see what kind of arch you have.  

  • Full footprint? Can mean partial to full arch-collapse due to pronation.  
  • Outer portion only? Can signal rolling outward of foot and ankle, supination.

Steps to help support your feet:

  • Try to avoid walking around the house barefoot – choose slippers that provide adequate arch support and a deep heel cup to improve balance and posture.  Try Orthaheel Slippers or Flip Flops available at: and
  • If you are working on your feet, wear supportive footwear.
    • Look for a firm heel counter and stable midfoot.  Flexible regions should only be near the forefoot.
    • Flat shoes without proper arch support cause foot problems.  A slight heel of 1/2″ to 1″ is the minimum requirement to provide comfort.
    • For existing shoes without these qualities, try an orthotic inside your shoe to lift the arch and prevent pronation.  Orthotics also prevent supination by having a supported outer rim.
  • Ensure proper fit.  Simple sounding, but many wear shoes that don’t fit and thus provide inadequate support.  Go to your local shoe store to have your feet properly measured.  Walk back and forth to make sure the fit is right, and not rubbing on any of the bony parts or sliding back and forth.
  • Avoid cheap shoes.  Poorer quality materials tend to lead to reduced support, lack of breathability, and poor quality control.

I was impressed to see that Orthaheel offers slippers, which would be a new spin on the old Mother’s Day gift giving of slippers and a robe.  I was recently advised by a podiatristimage to wear slipper or supportive shoes around the house all of the time to ease my foot pain.  The problem is finding a good, supportive slipper that literally slips on.  Orthaheel has several styles to choose from including the Gemma Mule shown at page right.

As a mom, and a hard woman to shop for, I would definitely appreciate receiving any of the Orthaheel line as a Mother’s Day Gift and I bet your mom would too. Mom’s spend so much time on their feet for their families, wouldn’t it be great to give the gift of support to mom – she supports you!