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Orthaheel Sandals for Mother’s Day Fashion and Foot Health in One Gift

imageI received a pair of Orthaheel Fleur II for review, I was not compensated in any way, all opinions expressed are my own.

Shower your mom with fashionable and feet saving new wedges and sandals from Orthaheel and Weil Integrated Footwear. These new adorable 2-inch wedge styles are the first podiatrist approved heels that are constructed with built in lightweight EVA biomechanical orthotic foot bed, which supports her every step – from toe to heel. The entire new Spring Summer 2013 collection will provide your mom with preventative foot care, support and sustainable comfort that is also fashionably wearable.image

The first thing I noticed about Orthaheel Sandals is their high arch and posting.  This is not something you normally find in fashionable sandals.  A recent mall trip had me eyeing tons of great summer sandals that looked like pieces of cardboard with rhinestone toe bondage devices.  Needles to say I knew how uncomfortable the average summer sandal would be for me.  I have fallen arches and pronate which is why I live in sneakers with lots of support.  I had given up ever wearing a cute summer shoe again. Then, I received a pair of the Fleur II shown page right. 

I usually suffer from baby toe, knee and hip pain on my left side, not to mention plantar facittis when I wear anything other than sneakers. These sandals were heaven to slip on.  For the average woman I believe they would make a 100% improvement in walking, for me, because there was a lack of strap across the back of the heel, it was not the best sandal for long walking.  I really need that support, otherwise my foot is being held in the sandal by nothing more than a tiny thong. It was a very comfortable toe thong though.

I loved the flower accent on this flip flop sandal which added a bit of playfulness to my foot without too much heavy beading, rhinestones, or other adornments. The Orthaheel Fleur comes in seven stylish and peppy colors. Other attributes of this particular sandal include:

  • PU upper
  • Microfiber EVA covered footbed
  • Invented by leading Australian podiatrist, Phillip Vasyli, the sandal features our built-in lightweight EVA biomechanical orthotic footbed that supports your feet and helps realign the lower legs, reducing over-pronation and associated aches and pains.
  • Durable rubber medium profile outsole with wave-patterned tread helps improve traction on uneven surfaces.
  • Materials: woven/polyurethane uppers, padded neoprene upper liner, EVA footbed, TPR outsole.
  • Recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil
  • Received APMA Seal of Acceptance

 imageWhat I should have gone with instead of the Fleur was the Muir, it has a sole by Vibram – one of my favorite shoe companies and a heel strap but as you can see its more industrial, and functional looking, so not quite as summer flirty.  Definitely a hiking sandal. If you are looking for fun summer footwear there are the Julie, Bali, Mia, Yasmin and Kelly Wedge which all have backstraps and priced beetween $47 –99.  I know that is a higher price tag then the cheap – and I mean cheaply made most of all – cardboard thin sandals you can purchase, but remember there is the priceless cost of your health.  Foot health is so important, it effects the rest of your body immensely.

The majority of the population is affected by pronation (rolling inward of the ankles and feet), which is commonly confused with being flat footed, and is just the beginning to a long road of potentially chronic pain and complications.  A normal foot pronates and supinates (rolls outwards) during a running or walking stride.  If the feet are not properly supported, normal pronation and supination can become excessive. This causes increased strain and inflammation of the soft tissues which help support the joints in the lower body and can lead to chronic pain and injury, not to mention the excessively painful and more common – planter’s fasciitis.

Innovative podiatrist and global foot health consultant, Phil Vasyli of Vasyli Medical and Orthaheel (www.orthaheelusa.com) provides the following helpful information to self-diagnose, treat, and prevent pronation.

How to determine if your feet pronate?

When you get out of the shower, check out your footprint on the floor to see what kind of arch you have.  

  • Full footprint? Can mean partial to full arch-collapse due to pronation.  
  • Outer portion only? Can signal rolling outward of foot and ankle, supination.

Steps to help support your feet:

  • Try to avoid walking around the house barefoot – choose slippers that provide adequate arch support and a deep heel cup to improve balance and posture.  Try Orthaheel Slippers or Flip Flops available at: www.orthaheelusa.com/women/slippers.html and www.orthaheelusa.com/women/sandals.html.
  • If you are working on your feet, wear supportive footwear.
    • Look for a firm heel counter and stable midfoot.  Flexible regions should only be near the forefoot.
    • Flat shoes without proper arch support cause foot problems.  A slight heel of 1/2″ to 1″ is the minimum requirement to provide comfort.
    • For existing shoes without these qualities, try an orthotic inside your shoe to lift the arch and prevent pronation.  Orthotics also prevent supination by having a supported outer rim.
  • Ensure proper fit.  Simple sounding, but many wear shoes that don’t fit and thus provide inadequate support.  Go to your local shoe store to have your feet properly measured.  Walk back and forth to make sure the fit is right, and not rubbing on any of the bony parts or sliding back and forth.
  • Avoid cheap shoes.  Poorer quality materials tend to lead to reduced support, lack of breathability, and poor quality control.

I was impressed to see that Orthaheel offers slippers, which would be a new spin on the old Mother’s Day gift giving of slippers and a robe.  I was recently advised by a podiatristimage to wear slipper or supportive shoes around the house all of the time to ease my foot pain.  The problem is finding a good, supportive slipper that literally slips on.  Orthaheel has several styles to choose from including the Gemma Mule shown at page right.

As a mom, and a hard woman to shop for, I would definitely appreciate receiving any of the Orthaheel line as a Mother’s Day Gift and I bet your mom would too. Mom’s spend so much time on their feet for their families, wouldn’t it be great to give the gift of support to mom – she supports you!