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Being Active Everyday is Easier with Music

image Truly, it is easier to be active with music – it speaks not just to our souls, but to our muscles.  The right type of music can entice even a tired body to wiggle, and giggle.  Music is mood enhancing and can be positively uplifting during routine workouts.  Research supports that the tempo of music has motivational properties so why is it then that more people are not dusting off the mp3 device and taking to the trails? Donning headphones or relays can be a real pain.  It seems the only things that stay put are heavy and burdensome while the ones that come with most of our favorite (insert vowel)devices are just plain useless.  They slip out of your ears without provocation and are uncomfortable even when they manage to stay in the ear.  Even worse they lack the ability to transmit the quality of sound one expects.

Enter Sol Republic Relays. In-ear Relays offer the benefits of a sports headphone but have amazing style that looks great anytime. With Relays, they introduced FreeFlex™ technology, which is wrapped around the new i5 Sound Engine. FreeFlex enables Relays’ universal fit and makes them easy to put in your ear and stay there regardless of how intensely you move. Relays deliver the sound and style to keep you going whether you’re commuting on the Max, running after work or pushing through to meet a deadline.
I love Relays because they just fall right in, without needing adjustments or fidgeting, and they are easier to use than most earbuds. The lightweight, low-profile design is the perfect teammate for any sport, but Relays stay put without the cumbersome, heavy clips or bulky bands that are standard on most sports headphones. From the streets to the trails, the train to the slopes, Relays keep up with you and your music without sacrificing amazing sound or style.
For sports and outdoor use, Relays are water and sweat resistant, and have a clip-on cable that ensures the cable won’t ever get caught.  I can’t tell you how many times I have had earbuds ripped from my ears while lifting free weights – it is actually an embarrassing occurrence, especially when my players comes crashing to the ground!

No need to change headphones when commuting or working because the easily accessible mic and phone control lets you seamlessly stay in touch. Adjusting volume or switching tracks is easy and essential for finding the right song for the next step of your day.
Like all other SOL REPUBLIC in-ear headphones Relays are part of an exclusive “Ear Tips for Life” program so you never have to worry if you lose your ear tips. SOL REPUBLIC is the only manufacturer that will replace your ear tips anytime they are lost, misplaced or if you simply want a different size. Relays ship with four different size ear tips for the perfect fit as well as a carrying case to keep them protected when not in use.
SOL REPUBLIC Relays are available now in Black for $79.99 at Verizon Wireless: http://www.verizonwireless.com/accessories/relays-headphones-by-sol-republic/ and SOLREPUBLIC.com/relays and will be available nationwide in Black & White, Horizon Blue and Lemon Lime at leading nationwide retailers in February 2014.

So that is the fitness, exercise activity side of these little guys, now let me get really real with you.  I am currently finishing up the last half of my training as a Primary Montessori Guide, having recently moved to Portland from Chicagoland, and confined to one fourth the sized living space my family of five is accustomed to. I have a decent amount of classwork for this and the accompanying Masters degree in Education. This would not be a problem if we were not on the third floor of an apartment building with no way to send the kids “safely out to play” (since the nearest park is several blocks away.) My children experience bouts of excitement and of course sibling rivalry like all children – agreeing with Montessori theory and principles does not make me immune from parenting mistakes – and when this happens the cacophony that ensues can be debilitating. I just plus the Sol Republic relays into my computer, pop the buds into my ears and instant silence, or relaxing ambient sounds.  Concentration I am back!  I’m not sure that this was the intended design purpose but what mother can deny noise cancelling ear buds!*

*My husband is always present, I do not recommend using anything that does not allow for a child to be heard when needed, this is merely a way for me to remove auditory distractions from my focus when I am not the one in charge.  

I received a pair of Sol Republic In-Ear Relays for review.  I was not paid in any way for this review and the opinions expressed are given freely.