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Natural Medicine Cabinet Burn, Insect Bite and Pain Relief with Zim’s


I recently received samples of Perfecta Products- Zim’s® Advanced, Zim’s Crack Cream and Zim’s® Arnica Max. I was not compensated in anyway and the opinions expressed are completely my own.  Zim’s Advanced Crack Cream with Hydrocortisone is the latest in naturally-based first aid products that help with a host of skin care issues including rashes, insect bites, eczema and psoriasis. For some reason in the middle of October here in the Pacific Northwest it is a feeding frenzy for mosquitoes. Maybe its the sudden onslaught of rainy days creating standing water that hatches the little larvae, I have no idea but I do have three dozen mosquito bites that are the itchiest things ever!  Amazingly three days into a scratching nightmare my samples arrived and I can’t sing the praises of the Crack Cream enough.  It is a thick cream with IMG_6400[1] a mellow earthy smell, absorbs right into the skin and does not leave a chalky residue.  It is very effective in eradicating itchiness, and I think it may even shrink or constrict the venom area.  I originally used the cream on only one leg so I would have a control group (my other leg) and in by the next day the large red welts were tinnier specks on the leg I used Crack Cream, they were no longer vexing me but the other leg was still itchy.

Thank goodness we have not has a call yet to use the Zim’s Advanced Gel with Acemannan to help treat cuts, scrapes, abrasions and burns. Although it would be a great product to have around if you have toddlers like I do.  Last month my daughter stuck her hand into a tiny Ikea lamp that my teenage son has on his desk, it caused quite a burn we had to use an OTC chemical cream, I would have much preferred something like this, with arnica for the pain and aloe vera for the healing and soothing.

Zim’s Advanced Gel with Acemannan will be available in a 3-oz. version and Zim’s Advanced with Hydrocortisone will be available in a 3-oz. cream form as well as a 3.25-oz. continuous spray.  
“We are not just about cracked skin anymore,” said Perfecta Products, Inc. Director of Marketing & Sales Mark Smith.”Our new Zim’s Advanced items are designed to meet consumers’ request for more natural-based products. We have combined science and nature to create superior products.”
In addition to Zim’s Advanced, Perfecta Products will also release Zim’s Arnica Max. Zim’s Arnica Max includes a proprietary blend of Arnica and Aloe Vera which includes organic Aloe, natural Menthol and Arnica. It will be available in 4-oz. gel and 3-oz. roll-on.

Arnica is one of the most popular homeopathic medicines and used by many athletes and weekend warriors worldwide. This week I have been observIMG_6399[1]ing in a Montessori classroom as part of my program for certification as an AMI Guide and my Masters of Education.  The constant sitting and then hunching over to write about children’s movements in my journal has left me with a stiff neck.  In the mornings I slather on some of the Arnica Max gel and I am good to go for six hours of sitting. It does have a faint menthol smell, but that dissipates after application, unlike more medicinal smelling rubs and balms.

“Perfecta Products has been a leader in the use of arnica and other natural products in the topical analgesics category. We have been using it in our products for more than 60 years,” said Smith. “We felt it was important to bring out a new product specially formulated using maximum arnica to provide temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscle and joints associated with simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains.”

Zim’s Arnica Max will be sold in stores and through online retailers by the end of the year. It is positioned to provide better value and better savings for customers and bigger margin for retailers. The 4-oz. gel or 3-oz. roll-on at a suggested retail price of $9.99 offers a significantly lower cost per ounce than the leading brands of Arnica topical products. I would suggest keeping these bottles somewhere out of the reach of children, although they are natural, and the Crack Cream is organic, they still are very easy to open and squeeze out – even if your child isn’t a risk taking taster of non-food products these can still be messy fun when squeezed, trust me on this one!

The Zim’s® line offers a number of different over-the-counter solutions for pain relief, skin and lip care. I have never tried the lip balm and am a big fan personally of products for lips that do not contain menthol or mint, little lips seem to be more sensitive and my kids scream when their chapped lips are exposed to most products.  The $7.99 Vitamin E stick can get very expensive when lost regularly  by three kids, so the Zim’s $1.99 stick seems like a steal. . The Zim’s product line aims to expand consumers’ options for quality topical products. To learn more about the Zim’s product line and Perfecta Products Inc., visit http://www.zimsusa.com. For more information about the products, feel free to check out their website or Facebook page

About Perfecta Products, Inc.™

Based in North Lima, Ohio, Perfecta Products Inc. is the national manufacturer and distributor of the Zim’s® product line, a dynamic line of naturally-based consumer products. The Zim’s product line features different over-the-counter solutions, formulated with naturally-based herbal ingredients, for pain relief, skin care, lip care, elder care and first aid. Perfecta Products, Inc. was founded over 60 years ago to help cement workers with their dry, cracked hands and feet with its flagship product, Zim’s Crack Creme. Today, Perfecta Products’ brands can be found in nearly every major retailer in North America. For more information, visit http://www.zimsusa.com or call 800-319-2225.