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College Students and Grads Get Paid to Sleep on the Job Snooze Director



Mattress retailer offers college students and

recent grads unique opportunity to get paid for “lying down on the job”

NEW YORK, NY, 2013 – Today, Sleepy’s, the Mattress Professionals, announces a search to fill what may be the industry’s “cushiest” job – “Snooze Director”.  As the job market remains difficult for The Class of 2013, at least one lucky applicant has the opportunity to land the job of their dreams.

The Snooze Director will be responsible for testing mattresses in Sleepy’s stores, supporting Sleepy’s social media efforts, researching sleep-related matters, blogging about sleep trends, and vlogging various sleep positions.  In addition to being creative and enthusiastic about sleep, qualified candidates must have at least 18 years of sleeping experience.

“We’re looking for self-motivated sleepers who can provide valuable insight on getting the best possible shut-eye,”said Adam Blank, Sleepy’s Chief Operating Officer. “College students and recent grads are expert nappers and sleepers, yet their lifestyles don’t always allow them to get as much quality sleep as they need. We’d like to give this job opportunity to someone passionate about the importance of sleep.”

How to Apply

Applicants can show off their slumber skills by uploading a video or traditional resume after which the most qualified will come to a Sleepy’s store to demonstrate their sleep savvy. The new Snooze Director will begin the full-time job in early June when they report to Sleepy’s corporate headquarters in Hicksville.  Sleepy’s is looking to put this search to bed as soon as possible, so beginning today, the really restful can check out the job posting and apply by uploading resumes and videos.  Submissions should be accompanied by a brief description highlighting their qualifications as an expert in all things sleep-related. At the conclusion of the search, Sleepy’s will offer the most qualified candidate the opportunity to sleep on the job.

Sleepy’s is the largest mattress retailer in the U.S. and has more than 700 locations on the east coast.  For more information about Sleepy’s, visit www.sleepys.com or the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages and Sleepysblog.com.

About Sleepy’ssleepe

Sleepy’s is a privately-owned fourth-generation company with over 900 showrooms in fifteen states, spanning from Maine to North Carolina and available nationally through www.sleepys.com.  Sleepy’s has 7 state-of-the-art distribution centers located throughout the country and delivers over 3,000 mattresses every day.

Throughout Sleepy’s 55-year history, the company has remained committed to making lives better through better sleep with its extensive selection of America’s top brands, including Sealy Posturepedic, Simmons Beautyrest, Stearns & Foster and more. Their innovative sleep products include the latest in cooling gel, latex and memory foam mattresses, like the world-famous Tempur-Pedic. Sleepy’s fast delivery service ensures you won’t have to wait to get a better night’s sleep, and their knowledgeable Mattress Professionals® will guide you to your perfect mattress. Sleepy’s truly believes that everything is possible with a great night’s sleep.®

This is a press release, I was not compensated for sharing it.

End Bedwetting Tonight with the Chummie

image Recently, popular musician and entertainer Sean Combs admitted that he was a bedwetter as a kid.  It’s a condition that affects millions of children every year and it can be one of the most stressful and highly undiagnosed conditions for kids nationwide.  It must be hereditary to some extent because I remember being a bedwetter, having dreams about urination and waking up in a wet bed until I was about 7.  Not too frequently to cause concern obviously since nothing was done about it. As a parent I have experience with potty training, and bed wetting – they seem to go hand in hand.  I was definitely tired of changing the sheets each day, and of buying a new mattress every few months when the protective sheets stopped working and my bed looked like a crime scene.

Introducing the Chummie, a nighttime bedwetting alarm that is a breakthrough treatment for boys and girls.  This patented system is a drug free, personalized system that offers a way to help stop bedwetting among children ages four and older in just a matter of weeks.  The Chummie alarm with built in proprietary algorithms constantly checks for urine detection throughout the night while your child sleeps, detecting accidents promptly.  The award winning Chummie is the world’s most advance bedwetting alarm treatment system with the fastest treatment time and highest success rate around, ultimately saving parents money, worry and stress over a short period of time. www.chummie.com

When ours arrived I immediately showed it to our four year old son.  I explained what it was and he enjoyed the little face.  I told him that if he started to wet at night an alarm would go off and he would vibrate. He was all systems go.  I could not figure out how to change the alarm sound. We cosleep which makes bedwetting even more of an inconvenience but I really did not want to add to the nightly nursing and waking schedule with a loud alarm. Oh well.

One night, that’s all it took and it didn’t even take a full night.  Somehow, I don’t know if he licked the sensor to test it, or let a little dribble out, but the Chummie went off right at bed time, not a time we normally have problems with.  My son looked shocked, and ran to the bathroom.  Then he wanted to take the Chummie off, I told him not until he had no more accidents.  He wore the Chummie that night, no wet bed and since two weeks ago we haven’t had a wet sheet again.

Was it the Chummie? Well, my son did not like the alarm and vibration and it may have been the push he needed to get him up out of bed at night. The Chummie site sells bed pads, Chummies for adults, stain remover and more. The system is very easy to use, the Chummie dood hooks to pajamas and the sensor to the outside and front of bottoms, flexitape is provided but you may find you use more than one. There is also a bed mat system called the One Drop Detection IntelliFlex Mat for Chummie Pro Alarm.  I was first introduced to the idea of bedwetting systems through a client’s experience helping her stepchild break a bedwetting habit at age ten.  These systems do work and can help children take control of their issue, leaving the embarrassment of wet sheets, and even the solitude of no sleepovers, behind them.

What I really loved about this system is their recycling program.  You can send in your used Chummie, it will be cleaned and inspected and sent to less fortunate children.

bedwetting alarm reuse Donate your Chummie Bedwetting AlarmProgram Highlights

There are over 100 Million children in the world that suffer from bedwetting but don’t have access or funds to purchase a Chummie Bedwetting Alarm.

  • Help less fortunate children stay dry at night
  • Reduce the environmental footprint
  • Your turn to do some good
  • Brighten another child’s life
  • All this at no cost to you

I did receive a Chummie system for review, I was not compensated in any way and all opinions expressed are freely given and my own based on my experience with the product.