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You Want a Healthy HooHoo and Tatas Right?

I apologize for the childish name calling of some serious female body parts – but vagina and breasts just aren’t as rhythmic sounding for a title. This week I was sent HealthyHooHoo feminine wipes and cleanser and Coobie’s Seamless Sports Bra. Both companies offer a full range line to help keep women looking and feeling their best. Healthy Hoohoo is a complete line of feminine freshness products that are revolutionary in their simplicity. Free of harsh chemicals, fragrances and parabens, healthy hoohoo gentle feminine wash, foaming cleanser and wipes are designed to naturally cleanse without removing all the goodness Mother IMG_3555[1]Nature provides.  With all of the chemicals that bombard is in the world it is good to know that you can turn to an eco and body friendly option for quick cleaning.  Why might you need Healthy Hoohoo wipes? For personal hygiene needs they’re perfectly portable last-minute refresher wipes. These wipes are revolutionary in their simplicity to a woman’s body, and are great for travel, camping, yoga or after a fun day at the beach – anytime you don’t have time for a shower and just want to feel fresher.  Ever had swamp crotch? You know what I mean ladies on those hot humid days when you are walking around building up sweat in all of the places sweat normally stays out of, or on a long car ride when even windows down and frequent stops at rest areas still make you feel like you need a little freshening up.  I even used these on my daughter when we ran out of wipes – because that’s basically what they are – big girl wipes. So throw them in your purse or in your gym bag and know you have freshness right at your fingertips!

Speaking of gym bags, Coobie Seamless Sport Bra is new to the market.  Super soft and comfortable and made of the same great stretch fabric as the standardIMG_3552[1] Coobie bras it may be a new gym bag favorite.  I have never tried a Coobie bra since I am a breastfeeding mom and I tend to stick to nursing bras.  After the recent French study showing that bras did not help posture or breast tissue elasticity and strength I have been going commando lately, not something recommended for everyone by the study.  If you haven’t had a chance to read the recent blog post Viva La Boobies I suggest you do, you may never look at breasts the same way again.  I have long been a supporter of breast health, anti-underwire and pro breast freedom and have to say the new Coobie Seamless bra is definitely comfortable and not constricting.  Coobie states that the Seamless Sports bra is  “designed to provide comfort and support during any fitness workout, the new Coobie Seamless Sports Bra is made for women who are serious about their routine and comfort level.  Approximate traditional bra size equivalents are: Small – 28A-32D, Medium – 32A-36D, Large – 38A-42D.”

I regularly wear a 42DD if I can squeeze into one.  I tried on the size L that was sent to me and although it fit around my IMG_3554[1]ribcage it was like wearing two pasties.  My breasts hung out of the bottom edge of the bra to the chagrin of my husband who catcalled “looking good” from his computer.  This would make a wonderful sleep bra for sure but there is no way that this is going to provide support during any fitness workout.  Yoga, maybe. You are supposed to be less restricted by clothing in yoga.  I don’t run, but when I did I preferred full impact, full support from my bras – same with when I taught Zumba.  This bra just wouldn’t cut it. I wasn’t to impressed with the manufacturing either, looks to me like the straps are a very weak point both in the back (small plastic o ring connection) and in the front where two fabrics are  sewn together.  These bras, however; retail for only $22 so a far cry from the $55-100 I have had to spend in the past to get full support from other big name sporting companies’ bras.

If you are smaller chested or sticking to some less rigorous exercise, this soft, supple and breathable bras is for you.  If you tip the cup at larger than a B – I wouldn’t suggest this bra for anything exercise related outside of yoga or pilates.

 I received samples of these products for review, I was not compensated in any way, all opinions expressed are my own and given freely.