My Dream

Maybe you know me. I could have attended your birth for free, or donated milk to your baby. Its possible I helped you get into the best shape of your life.

Or you are like me, someone who enjoys helping others when you can. Well I am definitely in need of help. For the first time in a long while I want to radically change my life, but not just for me and my family – for all families! Help comes in many forms, so thanks for reading about my dream, it helps for more people to know about it.

I recently finished training as a Montessori Teacher (ages 3-6) and a M.ed.  My ultimate goal, I am finally ready to admit, is to own a Farm School.  I have a huge dream of a community where families can live together and help one another and the school.  Parents who are in need of work can live communally within the school grounds and assist the school, there would be scholarships for families in need and a good blend of socioeconomic backgrounds and student diversity in general.  The school would service birth through HS, have an organic farm, production kitchen, full gym and dance studio, a small attached retail shop, a repair garage – among other things – where the adolescents could learn life skills. It’s an enormous dream for one woman to have – I know – but I believe that Montessori education has the ability to change society.  To help foster compassion, conflict resolution skills, divergent thinking and more.  I believe all children should have access to this method, and all families should be educated to understand the needs of children – not just those children who have been fortunate enough to be born into families of financial wealth.

Thank you for taking a moment to read about my uber dream – I hope to make it reality some day.

All three of my children have been blessed to attend Montessoris.  In the photos are my younger son who battles epilepsy and thankfully he attended an area Montessori in IL that accepted CCR&R and provides financial aid, making this amazing educational opportunity available to us for him.  My other children have attended Montessori through the generosity of family. My goal is to make these same opportunities available to as many children as I can.


Ere and the Pink Tower

Ere and the Pink Tower

Ere and Amphibians

Ere and Amphibians

Ere and Sound Boxes

Ere and Sound Boxes

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